Are women trying to avoid 6/06/2006?

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I recently wrote a post on how a woman was scared that her baby, whose due date is June 6, was the Anti-Christ. Personally, I thought it was a little funny that someone could be so worried about these issues, but I guess I'm a minority.

According to this article, some women who had scheduled c-sections for June 6 have changed their dates. It turns out they don't want their babies to be born with the 6/06/2006 birthday.

The very pregnant Loobylu wrote about this on her site
(on the very story I mentioned earlier) that although she doesn't worry about having a baby on said date, she could see the woman's concerns. Ahh, hormones. What a wonderful thing they are! (Come on, you know more than one of you were sure that your baby would "hate" you.)

Either way, good luck to both the lady in the first article and Loobylu with their impending births!

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