What do you call your children's genitalia?

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Somewhere along the way in the great big world of parenting, my husband and I had to have "the discussion." What discussion, you ask?

What to call our children's' genitals.

Although I use both "penis" and "vagina" when talking to my children about their bits, I'm still more of a nickname type of person myself. Nicknames are fun! Nicknames are silly! Nicknames are great when describing genitalia!

I found a website tonight and this post had me laughing. The son discovered that he had a "wee" between his legs. The Mom, Heidi, was wondering what other people called their bits.

So, help Heidi out. What do you (or your children) call their bits? In this house, we have "girl bits" and "boy parts." Do you stick with the technical terms or so you have a little more fun with the naming?

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