Boobahs or Teletubbies?

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My toddler, Devon, is not a huge television fan. The one show he does enjoy, and will sit through, is Teletubbies. Their benign sounds, soft actions and the repetition of their dances, songs or dialogs seem to appeal to his current developmental stage. I don't mind the show because it is just a half hour and the general themes of love, tenderness and curiosity are good things to model for a young child. The one problem with the show is that our PBS station only airs the show once a day, Monday through Friday. This means NO Tubbies on Saturday and Sunday. This is a problem.

This past Sunday as I was trying to explain to Devon that I have absolutely no control over the program scheduling of public television, we happened upon the Boobah show. This soft, shapeless band of rainbow colored folk are similar to Teletubbies, but they seem to move much faster, are louder and just not quite as tender. There are five Boobahs, while there are just four Teletubbies. Both groups appear to be from outer space, and both appeal to the very young.

We will likely stick with Teletubbies in our house. I haven't the time or energy to thoroughly research these five colorful beings. I already know the Tubby songs and names. And we already have some Tubby dolls and books. I guess we will have to venture out and get a Teletubbies DVD for those mornings when PBS does not offer our favorite show.

Do you and your toddler have a favorite show? Are you introducing more?

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