Boy suspended for cookie eating

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As reported by Nicole Weston on our sister blog, Slashfood, an eighth grade boy was suspended because of cookie consumption. Jeremy Maitland, a student at Hungary Creek Middle School, in Henrico Virginia, was in the school cafeteria to fill up a water cooler when he and some friends spotted a cookie container. The hungry boys decided to grab a cookie before they headed out to baseball practice. Unfortunately, that particular cookie jar and its contents belonged to a school staff member and the missing sweets did not go unnoticed. The next day the boys were confronted by the school staff and they admitted to the indulgence. Jeremy was suspended for a day of school and kicked off the baseball team.

Jeremy's mother is outraged by the seemingly harsh punishment her son received. She acknowledged that some sort of reprimand was applicable, but a school suspension and being thrown from the sports team was far too much. The school is claiming the young man's actions qualify as theft and should be punished accordingly. What do our readers think?

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