The ups and downs of a diagnosis

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The past few weeks have been a puzzlement for our family as we have waited for a diagnosis for our nine-year-old daughter. Initially I feared she had developed an eating disorder, rather disheartening considering she is so young. Then doctor determined she had hematuria, blood in the urine, but was at a loss as to the cause. He informed us the cause could be a lack of proper function of her kidneys or liver, a cyst (doctors try hard not to mention the word tumor to parents), or kidney stones. An ultrasound, blood tests, x-rays and a CT scan ruled out all of the above. The final diagnosis? A virus. Yes, a virus.

We have a check up in two weeks with another urine screen to test for blood. If she still has signs of hematuria she will need a bladder scope. If not, I guess will chalk it up to a virus and move on with life. This process has been frustrating and scary for our family. We tried to cushion Cassidy from our worries so that she could carry on with the daily business of being nine-years-old. But as we lay awake in bed at night, the what-ifs made for some long nights.

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