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Library attendance has skyrocketed in our house during the past few days. My daughter has discovered that for every three hours she reads, and then records in her summer reading log, she receives a small reward from the library staff. She is competitive by nature and the concept that all of those prizes on the shelf could be hers is a worthy incentive to read. However, in the afternoons when it is either too hot to venture outside or her little brother is asleep, we have been exploring reading site on the Internet. Following are a few we have had the pleasure of exploring this week:

  1. Endangered species. This site explains extinction and why it occurs in various species. There is a coloring book to download and lots of good graphics.
  2.  Math pages. This site offers math fun for kids through grade 6. The colors are bright, the problems are developmentally on target.
  3. Learning planet. This site offers everything from geography to history to science.
  4. Wacky Web Tales. This site is geared for kids in third grade and older. Children fill in the blanks to complete a silly and fun story.
  5. Earth Day. This site offers educational, interactive games. The themes cover such eco friendly topics as recycling and environmental clean up.
  6. PBS stories online. This site is geared more towards younger children. The classic PBS crew of Sesame Street, Clifford and more are offered.

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