Blogging baby sleepover for Friday June 9

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This week's sleepover profiles some of the most provocative and unusual "Mommy Blogs" on the Internet.  They are unusual because they are written by Moms of babies who don't fit the "normal" label we (often unfortunately) place on kids.  They are inspiring because they are handling their unique challenges with grace and have fierce love for their children.

I'm highlighting these because all three are gorgeously written, beautiful blogs that have the ability to very firmly tug heart strings.

First we have Falling Down is Also a Gift, written by Moreena.  Moreena has two gorgeous daughters, the oldest of whom has required two liver transplants.  Her current entry has a beautiful picture of Annika in the church where her parents married, and the entry below that discusses Annika's failing liver and the difficulty of being "breezy".   I can only imagine, and I'm moved by her words.

This Mom writes about her experience mothering a son with Asperger's Syndrome.  Her most recent post, The Wall, is a hard-hitting reflection about the autism community and her desire to let go of the semantics and misunderstandings and just "provide for my son's biggest happiness and richest future without sacrificing a chance at my own."

Finally is Beanie Baby.  Andrea is the Mom of a sweet little girl named Frances.  Frances is medically sound and healthy in every way, she is also very small in stature, possibly due to 3-M syndrome.  An entry she wrote earlier this week about her daughter being bullied at the park touched me.  Go have a look and just try not to fall in love with her daughter.

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