Show off that bump, baby!

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'Oh, you are so Angelina Jolie-pregnant.' This is one of the highest compliments that can be paid to pregnant women these days. Once a stage of life that made for embarrassment and physical discomfort, pregnancy has become all about flaunting. Women no longer frump about in overalls with Winnie-the-Pooh appliques, gone are the giant denim dresses with embroidered smiling, cows. Now the bellies are hanging out, the waists are dropped low and the shoes are fabulous.

Angelina Jolie is quite likely the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet. She can make anything look ravishing, especially when bits of her parts are popping out here and there. While I think it's a wonderful that women are embracing their bodies more and more, I will never believe that pregnancy doesn't mean just a smidge of discomfort.

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