Create a healthy plan, then try for a baby

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By the time most women see a doctor for their first pre-natal visit, they are about 8 weeks pregnant. But according to Dr. Peter Bernstein, a maternal and fetal medicine specialist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, eight weeks is too long to wait. By this time most of the baby's vital organs have formed and many complications may already have developed. He encourages women to begin planning for their pregnancies months in advance to ensure that their bodies, both mind and physical, will be in tip top shape for breeding.

Many experts agree with Dr. Bernstein. For a highly developed country, the U.S. still produces an alarmingly high rate of premature births and babies with birth defects. To help combat these problems, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are encouraging families to create a "reproductive life plan". Such a plan would help to eliminate birth defects and premature births. Unfortunately, this plan does not account for unplanned pregnancies. In the U.S. nearly half of all pregnancies are unplanned. Dr. Bernstein believes that all pregnancies should be planned; by doing so babies would be healthier.

If we were to live in a perfect world, then Dr. Bernstein's ideal views would fit right in to some sort of Utopian existence. But we don't. Unplanned pregnancies do happen. Beautiful children are produced from those unions. Yes, some have defects or are born early. But life is not perfect. Should women take better care of themselves? Sure, of course. But I believe Dr. Bernstein's thoughts in this area are not realistic. How about you? Any thoughts?

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