Girls and sports: self-esteem boosters

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I am not a sporty sort of mom. I don't like playing catch or running around bases. My kids know this and accept me for what I am. However, my daughter is sporty. She is competitive and she enjoys being part of a team, especially a winning team. Her latest endeavor is girl's softball. The team work, the strategy, the competition all excite and motivate her. Since starting the team she is more cooperative around the house and actively looks forward to the practices and games.

My daughter is not the only one to benefit from sports. Following are a few benefits that girls receive when they put on a glove and start moving their bodies:
  • Girls who participate in athletic endeavors are shown to be less prone to promiscuous behavior.
  • They often have a more positive and realistic body image.
  • Participating in a team helps to build trust and functional relationships for delevoping females.
  • Girls who recreate have placed higher on tests, have more confidence and are less likely to experience depression.
This is not to say that boys do not benefit from sports as well, they do. Girls are more likely to view team relationships a bit differently, worrying about competing against friends and whether or not they are doing as well as a friend. Nor does it mean that children who are not involved in athletics will end up hindered and depressed. But for those kids who are interested in joining a team, the benefits far outweigh the obstacles. What about you? Do you havea young lady in your life who lives for game day?


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