Raffi targets Baby Beluga grads

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I've always thought that music defineds segments of life better than anything else.  For me, the Scorpions were junior high (I was a "rocker".  I know) Soundgarden was high school.  Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven will forever be a sweaty sock hop and my much shorter dance partner awkwardly clasping my bottom waist.

But my childhood is Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea!  It's Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow!

Even the thought of those songs make me want to groove around my living room brandishing my Cabbage Patch kid on brown shag carpet (except I can't dance and am 31 years old)  But I do wonder what Raffi is doing these days.

Apparently he's having a "renaissance."  He is now busy speaking and writing as an advocate for children; his newest books are for adults who want to make the world better for children.  His latest book is called Child Honouring: How to Turn this World Around" and his latest CD contains "Songs of Compassionate Revolution." Sounds like a renaissance, indeed.

He says his new work is targeted at "Beluga grads" - children who listened to Raffi's Baby Beluga albums in the 1980's.  That would be me.  I'm going to have a gander, he is Raffi so it must be great, right?

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