Virtual shower favourites

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A very nice Internet friend threw me an Online Baby Shower when Nolan was just newborn, and that's a crazy and wonderful post in itself.  I received all kinds of original and thoughtful gifts from all around the world, and a couple of my favorites were from Jenn at Just Jenn Designs.  She's a blogger, a Mom to  two gorgeous little boys and also a craftster extraordinaire.

Jenn sent us handmade custom stationery - little cards with hand etching that said "Kristin, Robby and Nolan" on them in beautiful script.  They were perfect for sending out thank you notes (although I still have some to do, how awful is that?) and everyone who got one asked me where I got them made. 

My other favorite item was a little stretchy blue t-shirt with a black tie.  When Nolan is feeling particularly fashionable, I dress him in chinos and his little shirt/tie combination and then I almost keel over from cuteness overload.  The shirts are on sale right now (limited sizes) so go have a look.

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