Best sippy cup?

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One of the things that has surprised me most about new Motherhood is the dramatic shift in what I worry about.  I still worry, I completely sweat the small stuff as obsessively as I always's just that now the small stuff is different. 
For example, I no longer worry about wearing the right shade of lipstick before leaving the house.  I am lucky if I brush my hair.  But!  I will search every store in the city to find the right Sippy cup that has a soft handle, a good spout, and a pleasing X-factor that will convince Nolan to drink from it.

So far we haven't had much luck.  Some cups have dribbled, some have tops that pop off arbitrarily, some have handles that are too close together and some let liquid out too fast.  I am beginning to think that, like the explosion-proof diaper, the perfect sippy cup does not exist.

I found this site that rates sippy cups, but usually the experienced Internet Mamas have the best advice.  What sippy cup did your baby find easiest to use?

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