The night the lights went out at Ikea

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Last Saturday, we met up with some friends whose two girls are about the same age as our kids and headed to Ikea for some cheap eats and some play time. We had a good meal, the kids had a grand time, and our friends picked up a few things. We were standing near the elevators saying our good-byes when the lights went out.

Literally, the lights went out. Jared (age 4) and their older daughter (age 3) had been standing nearby, holding hands when it happened. They were close enough under normal circumstances, but in a pitch-black warehouse-sized store, they might as well have been miles away. I started shouting Jared's name as I stretched out my arms and began walking towards where I last saw him.

A few eternal seconds later, the lights came back on and there he was, right in front of me. Our friends' daughter exhibited some pretty impressive teleportation skills and materialized next to her mom. Rachel told me that she had been terrified because she couldn't see Jared and didn't know where he was.

Jared and I talked about the incident as we went to get the car; I told him that if anything like that ever happened again or if he ever got lost, he should stay put and call my name so I could find him. Pretty standard survival stuff, but it was new for him. Since we're going to Yosemite in a couple of weeks (with the same friends, in fact), this was a very timely lesson. I also told him that I was going to get him a whistle, so if he ever got lost he could blow the whistle so I could find him.

After the kids fell asleep on the way home, Rachel and I talked about it and decided that we need to carry flashlights with us in case something like that ever happens again (and living in earthquake country, it probably will.) With that in mind, as soon as I got home, I ordered a couple of inexpensive LED flashlights that we can carry. I wonder, however, what else should we be keeping handy that we aren't? What do you carry, on you and in your car, in case of emergency?

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