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Rob and I have gone on approximately one date since we had Nolan. We mostly sat and stared at other patrons in the pub and marveled that the world had gone on, blase and unaware, as our world had been tipped on its axis and stuffed with diapers, applesauce, and sleep deprived sandpaper-eyeballs.

"What did we talk about before?" I asked finally. We'd made a rule that we wouldn't talk about Nolan, because date night was about us as a couple.
"I don't know," he looked genuinely perplexed,"I think we talked about Jordi." Jordi is our dog. Apparently we are very lame.

Tomorrow is our second date night since Nolan's birth. I have a new bra without flaps and saucy jeans without winter squash marks. We have an adept babysitter who loves Nolan. We have 25 cent wings and cold draft beer waiting for us at the neighbourhood pub.

But, honestly, I don't know what we're going to talk about. Everything we discuss now revolves around Nolan. I wonder, should we actively try to find alternative topics or just be resigned to the fact that we are permanently and somewhat lamely obsessed with our baby?

Poor Jordi. We don't talk much about him anymore.

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