When to put kids in sports

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Sports were a huge part of our lives as kids.  I played baseball and soccer and took swimming and dance lessons and also ran track and field.  My brother played hockey and lacrosse and baseball and soccer and so may of our fondest memories are tied to the long days of running and shouting and playing.  To this day, when I'm frustrated and worried, a long run cures me.  I think sports is a huge part of learning dedication, teamwork, and commitment.

I'm excited about enrolling Nolan in sports one day, but I want to be careful about how I do it.  I don't want him to feel pressured or pushed, and I know there's a very delicate balance between encouragement and overkill when it comes to parents and sports.

So I'm curious to know:  did you enroll your kids in sports?  Did you let them tell you when the time was right and which sports? And, if they wanted to, did you let them quit?

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