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I used to go to Yosemite several times a year. I didn't actually live there the way some of the serious rock junkies did, but I was there a lot. I even used to lead groups on backpacking trips for the Sierra Club. In fact, about the only time I ever had to go to court, it was a federal court there in Yosemite Valley. Other than to go to court and to reach a trailhead, however, I didn't spend a whole lot of time in the more "civilized" parts of the park. Mostly, I spent my time in the backcountry.

Then my mother died and I spent the next five (wonderful) years hanging with my dad, then my kids were born... Basically, I haven't been back to Yosemite since September, 1995 -- ten years ago.

Tomorrow morning, I'm headed back to Yosemite. This time, however, I'll be staying in a house with all the amenities. And I'll have the kids along. We're staying in the South end of the park at a place recommended by a friend. This will be a very different Yosemite experience for me, neither better nor worse, just different.

So, instead of traipsing off into the backcountry and climbing half dome or hitting the natural waterslide, we'll be touring the valley, going to glacier point, and riding the rails. Same place I love, but I'll be seeing it in a brand new way. I think that that's a big part of being a parent -- sharing what you love with your kids and, in return, being shown it in a brand new light.

This makes me wonder, what have you shared with your kids, only to gain a fresh perspective on it?  Is there something you've revisited in a whole new way, now that you have kids? Is there something we shouldn't miss in Yosemite?

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