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Now that Nolan is starting to sleep a little better through the night (knock on wood, pinch salt, pull dog's tail and pray that writing about it will not disrupt it) his nap schedule seems a little thrown.

Actually, he never had a nap schedule, per se.  When I saw him rubbing his eyes or performing "the triangle" (wherein he wrenches his body away from me in an obstinate and gravity-defying triangular shape), I'd simply breastfeed him until he fell asleep.  This all occurred at random and haphazard times. I know.  It is the exact opposite of what I probably should be doing but I am beginning to think that in this parenting gig, you grip on to whatever is solid and never ever let go.

But he seems a lot less tired now. And I can't get him to take his second nap, he just circles around his crib and attempts to play peek a boo for ten minutes until he realizes I'm not responding and then his lip quivers and his world crushes and the screaming begins.

Last night I googled "when does baby move from two naps to one" and I came up with very little.  I know babies are all very different, but it would be helpful to have a general consensus: when did your baby move from two naps to one?  I have the feeling Nolan is a little young for the one brief nap per day that he's been taking.

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