Twins unexpected

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Remember that friends episode where the surrogate Mother of Monica and Chandler's babies had twins? And it came as a cute little surprise? I remember thinking, come on. That's absurdity. How could a woman get to full term and not know she was having multiples?

But I was leery throughout my pregnancy anyway. My Mom is a twin. My dad's Mother is a twin. My belly was about six feet lengthwise. I was terrifed that they might have missed a baby somewhere behind the first one. And I was so grateful when they pulled Nolan out and there was only one of him.

But it turns out that unexpected twins can definitely happen. A British woman gave birth to her baby girl, only to find out that another child was "hidden" behind the first one. She had entered the hospital expecting to bring home one baby, and instead got two.

Daughter Lilly-Ella was born at 5 pounds, 2 ounces, while son Harry came out at 4 pounds, 9 ounces. Mother and babies are healthy. The Mother's partner is quoted as saying,"I've barely picked myself off the floor from the shock of it all."


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