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I vividly remember my ninth month of pregnancy.  I spent a lot of my days circling the mall on swollen feet, gazing longingly at skinny jeans and form-fitted sweaters, yearning for the day my feet didn't resemble prickly pink water balloons.  I couldn't wait to "get my body back." 

I saw the magazines, watched Denise Richards slip into short shorts and a tiny tank top weeks after delivery. I didn't realize that the same thing wouldn't happen to me, that I wouldn't "get my body back.: I was totally unprepared for the changes in my body.

Though I lost my pregnancy weight very easily (and then some, actually), my previously athletic body was never to return.  I run at least five kilometers every day, eat healthily, do yoga, carry a gigantic baby everywhere I go.  And still I have a jelly-role around my grey c-section scar, my thighs are lumpy where they never were, my hips have spread so that clothes fit me differently.  And my old self would have been horrified by the droopiness of my breasts. 

So I was extremely interested in this email from Elaine, notifying us of a new website called "The Shape of a Mother" which encourages Moms to send pictures in of their "real" post-pregnancy bodies: their miraculous, beautiful, life-giving bodies.  They are not svelte or glossy or airbrushed but they are indeed beautiful and I think this is a fabulous idea. 

The masthead reads:  "Becoming a mother changes everything in your world - including your body. Here we share images of our bodies during and after pregnancy so we can see what real women look like."


(Edited to add: please note that there is nudity on the linked web pages.  It's not vulgar or sexual but it may not be appropriate for at-work viewing as some commenters have noted)

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