The arrival of the teen

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We officially have a teenager in our home. On June 30th my first born, Loren, turned that magical age when parents realize that one phone line is no longer sufficient and that groceries are not meant to make it to the shelves before they are devoured. It is a stage I have been somewhat dreading, not so much because of Loren, but because this now means that my daughter will be a teen in four short years. The roller coaster ride has begun.

We had laid elaborate travel plans to visit cousins and distant skateboard parks for Loren's celebration. But with the unexpected death of my father, our relatives came to us. For his actual birthday, Loren's aunt scooped up Loren and his two best friends, joined them with her brood of three boys and whisked them all away for a day of burgers, ice cream and extreme noise. Upon their return, they entered the house with a new skateboard set up and an electric guitar. Yes, indeed, I did say an electric guitar. For two days following the shopping extravaganza, the boys sequestered themselves in an  upstairs room where we could hear the cheers of the computer games, the twangs of the guitar and amp and the occasional grunt for soda refills.

The beauty of teen aged boys is that, so far, it does not take much to make them happy. Upheaval and disappointment do not seem unhinge them. As long as their bellies are full, their brains engaged and their buddies near, all seems well.

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