Gwen Stefani uses a Gucci, leather-trimmed baby carrier

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Good Grief, Charlie Brown! When I saw this post, written on our sister blog Luxist, I thought, "Is this really necessary for life?" And then I did my lamaze breathing and took the stick out of my...eye... and thought, "No, of course not. That is why it was on the luxury blog." And being the huge celebrity whore that I am, I was able to relax once more and enjoy life.

What am I talking about? I am talking about Gwen Stefani's baby carrier. It is very fashionable, and has a brown leather trim. That's right. I hope Kingston doesn't spit up on it or have a diaper leak on it. But, maybe Gwen has one to match every outfit! Could be! The Gucci slings only cost $760.

Unfortunately, nobody sent me one to test, so I cannot write a product review, but as accessories go, this makes Gwen's baby look smashing. And Gwen doesn't look too bad either.

Let me ask you something that I have been thinking about recently: If you had a chance to live how the other half live (I know there are fewer than half of the population out there with that kind of disposable income, by the way), would you be tempted by this baby sling? Or is it just outside the realm of your imagination?

I think I fall into the category of, "I simply cannot imagine." I also can't look at this without thinking of the multiples of homeless people I passed daily in Ottawa, Ontario, last week and how much food that sling would have bought.

p.s,, Confidential to Gwen: Stacey and Clinton would tell you to lose the tunic already.

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