Blogging baby sleepover for Friday June 14

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I have been thinking a lot about milestones lately, as my baby approaches his first birthday and I reflect on my first year as a Mother. Suddenly life seems to be passing by so much more quickly, and I feel compelled to mark every moment, freeze every morsel of baby laughter and each halting step.

So for my roundup this week I've chosen three blog mamas who are celebrating milestones, of sorts, in their lives.

First is Mama C-ta who gifts us with a gorgeous little photo essay of her son's first birthday. In the photos, little Cricket gleefully stuffs cake and frosting into his adorable little face and Mama C-ta laments that just once (once!) she'd like to break free of the Mommy guilt that comes with, oh, everything, once the baby is born (she feels guilt about giving her baby cake) I'd be the same way.

Next is Becoming a Mama who is thinking ahead and planning daycare for her unborn baby. She is wary of the sterility of the daycare she looks into; it is clean and nice but something feels too stiff about it and reading it, I felt her pain. I am so lucky that my best friend runs a day home, I would find it incredibly hard to leave Nolan in the arms of strangers. I wish Mama Me luck in finding a perfect daycare for her babe.

Finally, Miss Zoot . I adore Miss Zoot for so many reasons. First, she has provided dozens of free blog designs for lucky recipients all over the blogosphere. Second, she gets up at 4:30 AM, and, incredibly, she is chipper about it. Finally, she can always be depended on for a fresh post: when I am flipping through my bloglines yearning for a fresh update, Miss Zoot usually has one. It's her 31st birthday, go wish her a happy one!


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