Yosemite, with kids, revisited, part 1

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We had a great time in Yosemite last week. Thanks to those who offered tips and advice! In case others are planning to visit the park, I thought I'd share what we did and how it worked for our kids. Keep in mind that we were two families with four kids, aged 1, 2, 3, and 4. Because there is so much to Yosemite, I'm going to cover our trip in several posts.

First off, we rented a house in the south end of the park, in Wawona. This had its pros and cons. The upside was that the kids had a contained area in which to play without disturbing others and with less chance of losing their toys. It was also nice because we didn't have to worry about bugs in the evening. The downside was that the kids were in a house and not as close to the heart of Yosemite as they would have been had we camped in a tent or even stayed in a tent cabin. The kids played with trains and watched DVD's during their downtime instead of looking for rocks and collecting leaves. I've never spent much time at the south end of Yosemite, so it was new to me, but I was also less able to play tour guide for the kids.

If you aren't so into the whole getting-back-to-nature thing, a vacation rental is a great idea. It's especially cost effective when you have two or more families sharing a house. Our cost ended up being about $150 a night -- not cheap, but then again, we were actually inside the national park, so it's understandable. Rachel and I have also rented houses in the Russian River area and have really enjoyed the experience. (We can't recommend Russian River Getaways highly enough; tell 'em Uncle Roger sent you.) The Redwoods in Yosemite, who manages the house we stayed in, has a lot of houses available; they were recommended to us by a friend who has been going with her extended family for a number of years. We too enjoyed our stay.

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