Gena Lee Nolin: Motherhood more important than career

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I must admit that I'm a little more interested in Gena Lee Nolin and Cale Hulse than most celebrity couples, because Cale is a bit of a hometown hero. Actually, I didn't realize he was still playing hockey, but he did go to my high school and has a poem in the yearbook about his Dad. A hockey-playing, poem-writing, Baywatch-star husband, what an odd combination!

I read this article in People
about Gena Lee's emphasis on Motherhood over career, and thought, that's nice, but realistically: there are a lot of women who have babies who must focus on their career because they don't have zillions of excess money laying around.

Anyway, what stuck with me most about the article is this sentence: "She's also pumping iron after putting on 35 lbs. of baby weight, thanks to her killer cheeseburger cravings."

Hmm. I put on 35 pounds during my pregnancy and I ran till my third trimester, walked briskly after that, and ate a healthy and balanced diet. I've heard that doctors recommend a 20-30 pound weight gain, why is it suggested here that 35 is so excessive? I believe that most women put on more than twenty pounds in their pregnancies, don't you?

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