Morning luxuries, what are yours?

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Before our toddler entered our lives nearly two years ago, I had a daily routine of rising about an hour before the other household members. This hour of solitude was enough to allow me time for stretching, a short walk, a quick shower, a moment of organization. But these days toddler opens his eyes even before I do and as much as I love that extra hour, starting my day at 4:30 a.m. is not too appealing. So to soften the loss of my solitude, I have taken to drinking coffee in the wee hours of the day. Good coffee. After sampling many brands I have settled on what I think is the absolute best coffee I have ever tried. Zapatista Coffee from the Chiapas region of Mexico, is grown organically and is dedicated to building direct markets at fair prices for the indigenous people of the Chiapas region.

The cup of joe is not quite the same as an hour of peace and quiet before the troops descend the stairs. But getting that caffeine kick sure helps, and knowing that the monetary proceeds go to help other families sure aids to cushion the loss of that time. What about you? Do you have a morning routine or luxury that helps to kick start your day? Do share.

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