The summertime hump

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No, not like that. But it is a catchy title. Perhaps I should have called this post the summertime blues, or the summertime jitters. Whatever the case, every year I find myself getting a bit antsy by the time mid July rolls around. By now we have done one of just about every possible summer activity with our kids. Some efforts have been raging successes, while others were purely shows of parental endurance.

By this time in the summer I am dreaming about spa getaways with other weary, worn and torn mothers. Escaping to any sort of restaurant establishment for happy hour sounds like paradise. But we still have, depending where you live, approximately 4 to 6 weeks to go. That means another month of sitting through afternoon Pee Wee softball practices. That is at least one more trip to the miniature golf park, and definitely another 10 afternoons in the squelching sun of the local pool.

Perhaps it is just me. Maybe I am the only Summer Grinch of a mom out there. But I suspect otherwise. Any readers who are secretly counting the days until school starts? There must be a few of you out there who are planning precisely what you will do with those first few hours between 8:30 and 3:00 on that first Monday back to school.

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