Cute saddle bags for your stroller, jogger, dog, you know... everything!

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Okay, I have to admit, when this tip came in, I wasn't very excited about it. Diaper bags don't really do it for me. But these are cute. And I can also see the advantages to having a bag that just hooks easily onto your baby jogger, or your stroller, or your dog, or your horse, whatever. With the way these bags are made, saddle bags and all, you could even strap one around your waist and take it running with you, or walking, hiking, roller blading, roller skating-- you get the picture. For moms like me who don't have babies in anymore, a water bottle would fit perfectly where the bottles go.

These canvas bags come in 15 cool colors, and sell for $36. They might even make nice shower gifts. Do you think Angelina has one yet?

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