Tears for mom

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Yesterday I left Nolan at his grandparents for an hour to give myself a brief and (I think) well-deserved break. This is only the second time I've left him there, but he has visited with them lots and is very comfortable in their baby-friendly home. With a chipper grin, he waved bye-bye to me and disappeared into the backyard for a date with the baby pool.

It's always so strange driving around without Nolan. He is such a tangible part of everything I do now, that it feels like I've forgotten something when he isn't with me. It's strange to see the car seat without a tuft of blonde hair at the top. It's weird to go through intersections without pointing out the dog and the river. It's an incomplete feeling, but I must admit that it feels so liberating to be only responsible for myself for an hour or two.

Anyway, sipped a delicious iced coffee, and window-shopped downtown with my friend. When we went to retrieve Nolan two hours later, he was splashing happily in the sink with his grandparents. My heart melted at his chubby folds and his toothy smile.

"Hi Nolan!" I exclaimed, leaning in to give him a kiss,"I missed you!"

He looked at me for a moment with surprise, then screwed up his face and started heaving with sobs.

"He hasn't cried the whole time!" his grandmother said with surprise.
"I know," he sighed,"He does this every time I come get him from someone else."

I picked him up and soothed him and he calmed down quickly, but I wonder, is this common? Does your baby cry when they see you again after a brief absence? Why do you think this happens?

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