Blogging Baby Sleepover, Wednesday, July 19

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Today I am fed up. It is the middle of the worst summer of my life. My kids seem to be crawling all over me, sort of like sluggish wasps. The toddler doesn't want to nap, and has been screaming his feelings about said subject. I am sunburned from a failed swimming pool adventure. And I want nothing more than to find a shady table during happy hour and sip margaritas -alone. That means NO children invited. So the blogs I have been reading match my dismal out look and bad attitude. Sit down, grab a margarita and read through them; misery loves company.

The Weekly Gripe appears to be a forum for just that, whining and moaning. I have enjoyed it immensely. The authors and topics vary, but they all seem to be good reads. Today's topic is about people who take their kids to restaurants and have no idea about the impact they have on their fellow eaters.

is a fairly mindless read that offers a few minutes of escape from the daily routine. It features pictures and snippets of gossip ranging from Kevin Federline and his wish that pregnant Britney record her voice over some of his more inspiring rap session to posts that ponder the possibility of a reunion between Lara Flynn Boyle and Jack Nicholson. Reading the site won't make you any brighter but it will make you laugh.

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