The company picnic -- activities for kids?

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Every year, the company I work for has a picnic for all the employees and their families. There's lots of barbeque, some company announcements, and so on. Last year we had a few games for the kids with some prizes and I was thinking we should do the same again this year.

As best I can figure, we'll have nine or ten kids under the age of five and another half dozen or so aged five to ten. Last year we had an egg-and-spoon race (run around carrying an egg on a spoon), a three-legged-race, and a fishing game. For the fishing game, we got some dowels, taped some string to the end, and attached magnets to the end of the string. We cut fishes out of construction paper, folding the paper in half and cutting so the fold was the end of the tail. That way, it could open like a fish-shaped book. We wrote numbers inside (for prizes) and put a paper clip on the nose to hold it closed (and for the magnet to pick up.) The kids -- of all ages -- really seemed to enjoy this.

These were all good, but I'm thinking we might want to do something different this year, especially some fun things for the littler kids to do. So, what games would you recommend for an outing like this? What toys would be fun for a group of kids and would keep them happy and occupied?

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