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Now that my son is officially a teen, he is attempting to enjoy his status of freely watching PG-13 movies. For the most part I have no qualms with this aspect of his aging, but from to time I find myself missing the good ole days of Walt Disney. True, butt humor goes a long way towards healing the wounds of a grueling mommy day. True most of the PG-13 movies are harmless. But sometimes I find him pulling a fast one on me. Now that he has the PG-13 status, he is going full throttle for the rated R movies.

Most recently I sat down to watch Gramma's Boy with him. A Happy Madison production, I was expecting the usual Adam Sandler formula of misunderstood guy exceeds all expectations and ends up with success and a beautiful, smart girl by the end of the movie. After a few minutes of foul language and full frontal humor, I realized the movie was not PG-13 but an R. I also realized that I had been had. When I presented my objections, I was met with arguments. But after remembering that I was the mom and he was but a lad, I persuaded him to watch another one of the movies we had rented.

Later when he went to bed I watched the entire movie. It was indeed highly inappropriate and chock full of anatomical humor and slacker, drug induced silliness. It did help to heal my mommy wounds from that particular day. I am sure the movie debate will grow in the upcoming years and I will likely succumb to his demands at some point, but for now he is sticking to the more square movies.

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