Cherrybrook kitchen: Cake mixes for every allergy

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I admire people who see a need for a product or a service and then go about inventing it themselves. One such person is Patsy, the founder of Cherrybrook Kitchen
My children don't have food allergies, but I know a lot of people with dietary restrictions such as: No dairy; no nuts; no wheat. However, it's very hard to raise a household of children who want to be able to have birthday cakes or a cookie with these kinds of limitations. I also know people who don't use white sugar, wheat, or eggs. Again, it's hard to navigate sweets without sugar. But maybe not as hard as I thought. You can get them at a well-stocked health food store, or online at Patsy's website.

Am I the last person on the planet to find out about this? Even though we don't really follow any dietary restrictions in my house, I don't see what it can hurt to use these products instead of the ones available at my local grocery store, which are so full of sugar it makes my eyeballs ache just thinking about them. Have you tried these? Or other products you could tell us about?

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