Kiddie condoms for the younger teens

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Just when you think you've heard it all, a new one jumps up ans smacks you in the head. The Durex company has started a line of condoms that is marketed to the 13 to 16 year-old set. the condoms are sized somewhat differently than the regular sheaths, they have a slightly larger opening and a smaller middle to help with getting them off and on. The Love Condoms are currently on sale in Germany but will soon be available in Britain.

The United Kingdom currently has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in all of Europe. Thirty percent of British teenage boys and 26% of girls report having under-age sex, the average for teens to lose their virginity is just 16.

A spokesman for the Durex company said, "The issue of teenage sex cannot be ignored and we want to encourage a responsible approach. Giving them access to condoms will help tackle the issue of unwanted pregnancies and the spread of diseases."

I have to agree with the Durex company. Yes, it would be ideal if kids waited and abstained from sex. But reality is often far different from an ideal situation. Many teens will not wait to have sex. Perhaps if a size appropriate option were readily available, they might be more inclined to use it. This would cut down on unplanned pregnancies and the spread of disease. As I look at my own 13 year-old, I hope he waits for a spell and makes smart decisions when he does feel compelled to engage in sexual intercourse. If the Love Condom is available for him, I will surely push him in that direction. What about our readers? Any thoughts?

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