Luxury hotels for the four legged members of your family

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Three years ago PetSmart launched its first PetHotel venture. What started as one dwelling has now expanded to 32; this makes it the fastest growing area in the pet products/services business. Currently Americans drop a whopping $40 billion dollars per year on their pets, just $8 billion less than what they splurge on toys for their two-legged friends. Hoping to make those numbers soar even higher, PetSmart is planning to have 240 pet hotels by the year 2010.

For the average dog a current hotel stay includes lactose-free ice cream, indoor walks, and for a mere 10 dollars more a night, dogs can stay in a larger "suite" with a television set showing an animal related movies all day long. There are also plexi glass enclosed kitty cottages. Not bad digs for your best friends while you are out of town.

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