Lefty Troublemaker

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My old fencing master used to call left-handed folks "lefty troublemakers" (with a thick Austrian accent) because fencing against a lefty is extremely challenging. Enough so that I spent one semester in a beginning fencing class fencing only left-handed in order to try and gain an advantage. That's all well and good, it was mostly just for fun. Now the issue has turned serious.

Although she's only two years old, it seems pretty clear that Sara is going to be left-handed. No one in my family was left-handed; the only relative I know of who is a lefty is my eleven-year-old niece. I'm sure we'll get lots of advice from her, but she's still figuring it all out herself. I know that Sara will likely never be able to use a fountain pen, but I'm sure there are other things we'll have to take into consideration when raising a left-handed girl in a right-handed world. Anyone have any left-handed kids? Any advice for things we should watch out for or things we can do to help her out? Or am I just making a mountain out of a molehill? I do know she'll be taking fencing when she gets a little older...

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