The irrefutable logic of children

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Jared and Sara have become good friends with two sisters their ages who are in their swim classes. Even better, Rachel and I have become friends with their parents. They have a swimming pool in their backyard and invited us over for a barbeque Sunday after swim class. As if to spite me for claiming it never gets overly hot around here, the temperature hit 116 degrees at their house; we spent a lot of time in the pool.

In addition to the pool, they also have a big climby-thing -- one of those wooden play structures with a couple of swings, a little clubhouse up top and a big slide. The other dad and I were sitting in the pool chatting while Jared played on the climby-thing. He climbed up the ladder to the clubhouse, checked us out with the telescope, and then called out "I can't get down!"

Thinking that he might, for some reason, be scared to go down the ladder, I called back, "Go down the slide!"

"It's too hot!" he wailed.

"Then go down the ladder." I really didn't want to have to get out of the pool when I knew he had gone up and down ladders like that one a million times.

"I caaaaaan't!" came the reply.

My sarcasm lobe working overtime, I told him "go get the bucket, fill it with water, and pour it on the slide. That will cool it down."

So what did he do? He climbed down the ladder, got the plastic bucket, and filled it with water. He then climbed back up to the clubhouse, poured the water on the slide, and went down it. Meanwhile, my friend and I nearly drowned, we were laughing so hard.

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