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I kind of hate gift registries for weddings. It's kind of my own fault, but by the time I get to the department store, there's usually a $ 600.00 barbecue and a $ 30.00 martini set left. And it feels kind of impersonal. I'd rather search for a heartfelt hand-cut vase that would go perfectly in the den, or a custom-framed portrait of the couple. Anyway, that's just me.

I also wonder if it's just me that's appalled by the notion of birthday gift registries for kids.

The National Post reports about the increasing trend of children's gift registries, and cites examples of participating stores:

"Scholar's Choice has instituted an elaborate custom at its 24 toy stores across Canada. The birthday boy or girl comes to the store, puts on a special crown and goes on a shopping spree. When their birthday bucket is full, the chosen gifts are itemized. The invited guests, made aware of the registry on the invitation, come in later to pick out a gift for their friend from the assembled loot in the bucket."

Perhaps I am too new and naive to understand the appeal of this concept, but for now I must say that it gives me a sour taste in my mouth. I had read Rachel's post earlier today about the question of charitable gifts for children's birthday parties and thought, what a great idea. This seems like a giant step in the opposite direction.

So, what is your take on the issue? Are gift registries for kids gauche or practical?

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