Do you have "Mom" hair?

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I have to admit that right now, I am a little obsessed with my hair. I used to have really long hair. When I left my husband five years ago, I started chopping at it. I realize now that cutting hair is something a lot of people do when they are changing relationships. I was being something of a cliche. Anyway. I engaged in a four year cycle of cutting my hair short and growing it out again, which is familiar to at least one or two of you, I am sure.

I had decided about three years to grow it out, and so I made the error of getting a perm. This damaged my hair and made me look about ten years older than I was. I went to visit a friend of mine who cuts hair for a living, and she took one look at my bad perm and cut it all out. A full year of growth was gone. I was so upset to lose the year of growth that I didn't take any time to enjoy the short hair. Everybody loved it except me. (See picture-- that is me with short hair).

This Spring, I finally had my wish: My hair was down to my collar bone. And I noticed that it was curly! I have never had curly hair before! But lots of other women have told me that their hair started to curl after they had kids, too. But it doesn't even curl decently! It curls like the bad perm: Straight on the top and sides, and curly in the back. So, earlier this summer, I had a couple of inches cut off and got an inverted bob. About two weeks after that, I had it cut up to my chin, and made the bob more severe. But now, I am thinking that it needs to be cut really short. I just feel like there is too much hair. I think my husband (re-married for one year now!) is going to kill me after having to hear for all these years about how much I really wanted long hair.

If I cut my hair, does that mean I have "Mom"hair? Am I becoming another sort of cliche? The woman in her late thirties who cuts off her hair because she is too busy and too lazy to maintain long hair anymore?

How do you wear your hair? And do you obsess about it, too, or am I just nuts?

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