Houseproofing - the impossible chore?

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I am learning that houseproofing a 102-year-old-house against an 11-month-old rocket of a baby is about as effective as a hamster trying to voyage to the Amsterdam airport via his wheel.

I thought I had done everything. There are gates everywhere. There are strings on door knobs and blockades to areas with outlets. All coins, pins, and small chokeable objects have been hastily removed. I stand guard all day, a sweating, flailing goalie deflecting random shots of danger.

But I'm losing. Houseproofing has become impossible.

Nolan has discovered it's more fun to fling his food than eat it. Poor, sad new tile.

He has also discovered the joy of tossing dirt out of the kitchen fig tree. He can open up the fridge, look into a cardboard box, and help himself to a slice of pizza. Seriously, he did that this morning in the time it took me to get a cup out of the cupboard for coffee. I looked over and my 11 month old baby was eating ham and pineapple pizza like a 12-year-old.

He can also pull himself up on anything and pull anything that's not anchored on top of his pudgy little baby body.
I don't know if I can take this much longer. I am hoping this is a phase, like the not-sleeping phase, and that he will grow out of it shortly and learn to sit contentedly in one place with a quiet book.

It's a quickly diminishing phase. Right?

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