Morning wakefulness

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Nolan is now sleeping through the night. Well, no. He usually has one wakeup at about 3:00 AM. I give him a quick pat down or feeding (usually less than two minutes) and he is back to sleep.

I am a new woman. My giant purple eye bags have receded. My eyes do not feel like they have been taken out of their sockets, rubbed with sandpaper, and replaced. I have a bounce in my step and I think I am more pleasant to deal with. (In the depths of my sleeplessness, I am afraid to admit, I was a crank of mammoth proportions)

But, we have a new problem, as we always seem to when one problem solves itself.

Nolan is quite sleepless after 3:00 am. He gets up again at around 4, then 4:30, then 5:00-ish, until he is finally up for the day sometime around 5:30 or so. Moving back his bedtime doesn't work, he just becomes angry and exceedingly overtired.

Have any of you ever seen this frequent-morning wake up routine? It's my new excuse for grumpy behavior.

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