Pregnancy diet affects baby's arteries

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Here's a good excuse to not diet when pregnant: a new study has found that the less calories an expectant Mom consumed during pregnancy, the thicker the artery walls of her baby.

Thick artery walls are linked to heart disease and strokes.

Researchers say that pregnant women need to eat about 2500 calories per day (roughly) to maintain adequate nutrition and energy. They also said it didn't seem to matter what proportion of calorie intake came from fat, protein, or carbohydrate - but that it was overall calorie intake that was important.

The association between artery thickness and calorific intake remained strong even after taking account of factors such as social class, smoking, exercise habits and sickness in pregnancy.

I'm always glad to see studies that discourage pregnant women to diet. For me, it wasn't an option: my body seemed to tell me what to eat and it was a lot. Lucky for me, it was also healthy, for the most part...although, I did enjoy ice cream sandwiches an awful lot too.

As always, experts recommend a full, healthy, and balanced diet for expecting Mothers.

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