Raising metrosexuals

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I think I am raising metrosexuals. For one thing, on their own, my children have been sewing clothing for their Lego Bionicle creations. But that in and of itself can be described as utilitarian rather than metrosexual. However, yesterday was definitely a metrosexual day. You all know what that means, right? Metrosexual describes men who are, to paraphrase... in touch with their feminine sides. Specifically regarding their interest in their appearances.

Earlier this summer, my oldest son (12) told me he wanted to dye his hair blonde for the summer. Last year, he let me bleach the top of his head, but this year, he wanted all-over color. So, I got him a color kit. My kids are used to seeing me run around the house with color on my head, so he trusted me to do this for him. I got an ash blonde color, because that minimizes the chances that you are going to end up with an orange head.

But he ended up with an orange head Saturday anyway. The first time we colored, it was definitely lighter, but definitely had a strawberry blonde thing going on. So, we used the leftover color to color it again. Sam's hair is very very short, so I wasn't worrying about damaging his hair. The second coloring left him with light orange hair all over his head. That simply would not do. I had some light brown hair color in my closet that I had kept on-hand for lowlights for my own head, so I used it to color him again. Now, his hair is darker, but there is still a strong red/orange element to his hair. However, I drew the line at doing any more coloring. I think we should just let it grow out and we'll cut it out before school starts.

Still, I am proud of him for having an interest in taking control of his own appearance-- and also for not crying about the hair not working out the way he wanted it. He handled it just like a... man.

Just like a metrosexual. Next? We're going to learn about hair products.

Are you raising metrosexuals? Tomboys?

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