Do your kids ever call you fat?

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I know that children are supposed to be some kind of paragons of honesty and truthfulness. But frankly? I am a little sick of it. I mean, do they need to be honest every day? And do they need to be honest about my weight? Do your kids every tell you you're fat? I have noticed that they tend to say it right after they come back from their father's house. I don't need to get into what is wrong with my ex. The fact that he is an ex shold say it all. But how do I counterbalance what he is telling my sons?

The problem isn't just that my sons perceive my appearance as fat. Granted, I am not a skinny minny. And I am also overweight. But I also run five to six days a week for most of the year (just not in this extreme heat! But I swim!), and I eat and prepare nutritious foods. I am healthy, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate are all very good. So, I would rather have my children focus on my health than my appearance-- especially because it's really not that bad. I am also raising all sons, so the focus on whether or not a woman is thin or fat is doubly troubling to me. I want them to see that I am happy, in a healthy relationship, that I am taking care of myself, and successfully running my own business. Not only that, but I also want them to respect women and respect ME.

So, how do I get them to stop focusing on the fat?

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