Locking a baby in a hot car, where is the help?

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One of our readers sent in this real life story about a mom who accidentally locked her 16 month-old baby in the car with the keys. As is the case with most every location in the country this summer, the afternoon was horribly hot. As soon as the mother realized what had happened, she alerted the day care where she had just fetched her toddler and asked for assistance. Nobody was able to get the door unlocked so they alerted first the police and next the fire department.

The police, who due to some swell regulation imposed from the current crew of inept Republicans who man the White House, are no longer permitted to carry "Slim Jims", the long, metal items used to unlock doors in such emergencies. Fire departments are still permitted to possess them, and so the fire department came to get the baby out of the car. They too had difficulties, but finally succeeded in opening a door and extracting the hot, cranky toddler.

The crew carried the toddler back into the daycare center, cooled her down and re-hydrated her with some liquids; she has recovered. I find the disturbing element in this is not that the mother absent mindedly put her baby in the car seat while the baby was holding the keys. Mothers are notoriously distracted and sometimes we err. I find the more troubling aspect to be that the police, who are doing their jobs to serve and protect the public, did not have the tools needed to do their job. What sort of idiotic administration prohibits Slim Jims? These are men and women who pack guns with them, why not the door lock opener?

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