Would you light your kid's cigarette?

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US Weekly has a photo of Melanie Griffith lighting her 17-year old daughter's cigarette. The photo was taken outside of a store in Beverly Hills, and is accompanied with a lot of controversy.

First, the legal smoking age in the United States is 18, so technically Melanie is helping her daughter break the law. Second, Melanie has a smoke hanging out of her own mouth in the photo, setting a dubious example.

Now, I've admitted here before that I'm an ex-smoker. I hid it for years from my parents (who could undoubtedly smell it on my breath and in my clothes) until my Dad caught me at work when I was 19, lighting up outside of the restaurant I worked at. After that, he'd occasionally ask me if I wanted a cigarette when he was having one and I'd shake my head, mute with horror at the thought of lighting up in front of him.

But I don't think it was wrong of him to offer. Granted, I was of legal smoking age, but I think he was just being a realist. When you're an addicted smoker, I believe firmly that there is absolutely no one who can make you stop. You have to want to.

So perhaps Melanie Griffith thought she was just contributing to the inevitable. Her daughter is a year away from legal adulthood, and she'd probably do it with or without her Mom's help.

What do you think? Is Melanie being irresponsible or simply realistic?

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