Indiana continues to allow adoptions by gay couples

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Same sex partners in the State of Indiana will continue to have the freedom of adoption. The Indiana State Supreme Court let stand a ruling that allows unmarried couples, including those of the same sex, to adopt children. The court refused to hear arguments against an April overruling of an effort to only allow married couples or individuals to adopt children.

"The court acknowledged that two people can create a caring, stable, loving home for children without being married," said Patricia Logue, senior counsel for Lambda Legal's Midwest office in Chicago. "Not only is this a decision that will keep our clients' family intact, but this is a victory for the thousands of children in Indiana desperately in need of a caring home."

This is a welcome relief in an increasingly conservative and shortsighted political environment in our country. I live in Colorado where there is a movement to allow adoption only to married, same sex couples. I have seen the petitions at our church and heard the rustlings of conversations here and there. I have also read of the statistics regarding the stability and affluence that same sex couples are able to give to children. I say kudos to Indiana, and I hope more states follow.

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