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Last weekend, I, like about 750 others, attended BlogHer. And I, like about 750 others, met some wonderful women, not the least of which was the fabulous Chris Jordan, who pens the blog Notes from the Trenches (formerly The Big Yellow House). The second thing you'll notice about Chris (the first is her warm smile) is her calm demeanor. Normally, this wouldn't be shocking -- except that Chris is a homeschooling mom of SEVEN CHILDREN. SEVEN. All of which actually CAME FROM HER OWN BODY.

As you can imagine, I, like way more than 750 others I imagine, looked at her with a certain sense of awe. "How do you do it?" I asked dumbly, not realizing that I was parrotting every single person who has ever met Chris. She smiled demurely. "I just do," she said simply.

Well, I'm happy to learn from reading Mir's BlogHer post, that Chris has actually started a blog to address just this question. In the Trenches of Motherhood is designed to answer the question Chris gets daily, providing her insight on parenting, homeschooling, and much more (including, currently, how to travel with children on a budget).

This is definitely one of my new Blogs To Read. I mean, if Chris can do motherhood as gracefully as she does with her seven little ones, surely she's got some advice to give on how I can best handle my life with one.

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