Do your kids return to school in the heat of August?

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While some of us are starting to think/hope that our kids will return to school, others are actively preparing by buying school clothes and lunch boxes, and yet others are already sending their kids on the school buses and enjoying that first cup of coffee in blissful silence. It seems like summer vacation used to mean just that: a vacation that lasted the duration of the summer. But now some schools head back to school in the early part of August.

As much as I tire of toting my children to and fro during the hot months, I think school belongs to the months between September and June. Apparently I am not the only parent with these thoughts. Some parents are making efforts to extend the summer break until after Labor Day, giving families the entire month of August to frolic, bond, travel.

This year my kids start school on September 5, the day after Labor Day, and incidentally, my birthday. This seems like a reasonable start day, not to mention a fabulous birthday present for me. What about you? When do your kids fly the coop for the hours between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.? Does it work for you? Would you rather them start school in August?

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