Paul Newman hosts camps for terminally ill children

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Paul Newman is one of the few celebrities who use their fame to help those with less. His line of specialty foods has raised over $200 million dollars for charity to date. But another philanthropic endeavor of his are his Hole in the Wall Gang camps. These are summer camps designed to host critically or terminally ill children. they are a place where kids who have been through chemotherapy can go and enjoy themselves without feeling self conscious about their physical differences.

The summer camps consist of everyday summer funtime activities. Horseback riding, painting and boating are just a few of the options for the campers. "It's hard to describe the love you feel in the air here. You're here one day, it's addicting," said Christopher Woll, who first came here as a 7-year-old with sarcoma. Woll loved his childhood experience so much that at age 20 and with his cancer in remission, he is a summertime counselor at the camps.

When asked about his charity work, Newman has commented that if he is to leave an impression upon the world, he hopes it will be that of his camps. Not a bad legacy.


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